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Well, it is normally an unspoken rule that you never mess with your good friend's ex's...even if they supposidly give you permission to do so. The outcome is seldom a good thing.

Of course, I'm not saying that you ever did do that and your post doesn't ellude to that fact, but if your friends catch wind of you hanging out with them, what are they supposed to think, you know?

I'm glad that you finally caught on to this. You see, many guys love to fantasize about what it could be like if they dated or messed with one of the girlfriend's friends. Normally, it is a completely harmless thing and only a fantasy, but when the breakup happens, suddenly it seems to many men that all bets are off and they are free to pursue it. In other words, you were the 'forbidden fruit'. It is up to you though, as a good friend, to make sure these guys still know that you are forbidden fruit. Simply not returning the calls is usually enough, but some guys may need a good "I would never do that sort of thing..." speech.

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