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Re: Frustrated
Aug 25, 2006
I had a similar situation with my husband's friend. It happened a few years before we married. This friend was always trying to tell him that I was controlling, etc. - a bunch of bull. One day there was a big blow up between me and the friend and it ended with the friend trying to slam a car door on my leg. Needless to say they were no longer friends after that and to this day that guy is still a loser with nothing in his life.

I am really suprised with the notes - this is odd behavior from a guy. I have never heard of this before. What did your boyfriend say about the notes? Did you show them to him? You don't need to invite the friend for drinks or try to make peace with him as he is a jealous jerk that is trying to get all the attention. Does this friend have a girlfriend - if he doesn't then maybe he should get one and stop trying for all your boyfriends attention. He is very immature.

It may everntually come down to you telling your boyfriend -hey its me or him and make him choose. Then you will see where his loyalties ride.

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