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Hey all you beautiful fabulous people :wave: .

As some of you may know, I have a been developing a good relationship with a new friend of mine. We have only known each other for about a month so its all very new.

Anyway, I am now coming to a stage where...I really feel I could develop feelings for this guy. Everything about him impresses me. I'm amazed by this man!

I had recently come to the decision..he is most likely interested. But he said something to me last night that kind of set me back thinking.."Am i totally wrong?" He said to me : "You are a good friend Jaz".

Since my last post, things..I thought..had progressed quite nicely.

Alot more hugs..they have become more "endearing and longer" hugs. Not just the "meet and greet" kind.

He has lately been text messaging me every day. He has been asking alot of questions about myself.

At one stage we were talking about hair and he made the statement "Your hair is perfect".

He tells me that everytime we talk it gets better and better....

He wanted to call me the other night but we worked out it'd be too expensive (cell phone 2 cell phone is expensive here) so we arranged to have a nice chat over MSN messenger the following night.

After our conversation last night on MSN, he had to rush off to work so he said "We can catch up tommorrow night after our church prayer meeting".

Now...TO ME....if a guy is just interested in being friends....he definately does not act like that. He may take things slow and want to get to know you before telling you how he feels...but if he aint interested, he doesnt do and say all those things.

But that "Your a good friend Jaz" line..oo set me back in my mind about all this.

So, tell me, what do you think?

A part of me says..." the moment you are ONLY friends, so he is just affirming that."

But then again I am a female and I look into every minor detail lol.
From the amount of time spent talking and text messaging and all, I'll say he's got to be interested in more than just friendship.;)

He seems reserved and well mannered enough. So the statement "you are a good friend" could be his way of saying that he's not rushing into things and he's not in it just for the sex. This is supposed to be a good quality, isn't it?

If he is a true christian, then this relationship is on course since you are suppose to be friends BEFORE lovers. He is almost too good to be real. (And I thought God broke the mold after I was made):D :jester:

So go ahead, don't worry or analysis every sentence to death. Although, it would help if we knew what happened at the B-ball game.:p
Hi Baby hands - from your original thread about this guy, I defenitely thought like the others that he was interested in you! but now, like you I am also a bit confused.

I do know that Christian people, see each other as equals, and although not religious myself, I have friends that are, and observe alot of love and affection between them!

Maybe this guy just genuinely like you and enjoy your company, and we can't assume here that because he spends a fair bit of time talking to you and texting etc, that he fancies you!

The comment he made about you being a good friend, could be taken a few ways, one being to make it clear to you in a polite manner, what his intentions are, another maybe he is playing a game to see what your reaction is! to feel you out by your response!

Maybe this guy is just like this, friendly with everyone, or he maybe just a flirt, and has sensed you like him, and is flattered by your attention towards him.

Like someone else said, perhaps you should take it up a notch, and maybe ask him.

good luck:)
Oh yes, he definitely likes you as more than a friend, BabyHands! I think he is just afraid to make any obvious moves and is working up his courage to do that. Maybe he wants the two of you to have a foundation of friendship first and get to know each other better. I don't think a guy would want to spend as much time and have as much contact with a girl if he was not romantically interested. I bet he will try holding your hand when you're in the movie theater :)

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