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Ahaha, thanks guys :)

[QUOTE]What confounds me is that even if you were single, why wouldn't you date this guy? Knowing someone too well doesn't seem to me like a good enough reason if all he's done in your recent memory is make you happier than any other person has.[/QUOTE]

Well, see, he really [I]isn't[/I] boyfriend material. He had a really messed up childhood, his parents both had a lot of problems and screwed him royally. While I'm in a position to see all of his great hidden qualities, I also can't ignore all of the obvious bad ones. He drinks too much, does too many drugs, anything to escape his pain. He's irresponsible and horrible with money. Now, he'd be a wet dream for the kind of woman who's a "fixer" or "savior", but I'm not. I need a man who doesn't require any kind of work, and who can take care of me.

I do love my boyfriend, he is my best friend and partner, and he takes care of me. We have something very solid, and I wouldn't want to trade that in for anything. I'm really rather annoyed at how strongly I feel for BOB ;) I never would have imagined it could happen, but I guess you can't always control how you feel about people.

[QUOTE]P.S. One good test is to see if you need to use your "selective hearing" powers when you're with BOB.[/QUOTE] ;) I hang on every word that comes out of his mouth. But that's just the thing. I know I feel very strongly about him, but I KNOW that if I were actually with him, I'm sure that eventually he'd annoy me, too. There's no way I could actually be happy with him. So in a way I'm glad that I'm in the position I'm in, where I get to spend time with him and enjoy his company but that's it.

Kind of like, a nice place to visit but you wouldn't want to live there.

[QUOTE]If you don't think that anything romantic can ever materialize with this guy, then you've got to suppress these feelings in some way, wouldn't you agree?[/QUOTE]

Yeah, that's true. Don't really want to dump all of my crap on him, I guess. I ran into him last night which was a nice surprise. But I figured, well, I'm just going to have to take what I can get. It's funny the way people can sneak up on you and matter to you.

Thanksgiving, it sounds like you had a pretty bad experience :( Yeah, it is no fun when you really start to care about someone and find out they were just using you. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. Hopefully you have better experiences in the future.

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