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[QUOTE=Brook65]Just wondering - although I respect that you probably wouldn't ever want to disclose, hence your user name. But do you suffer from some kind of Avoidant personality Disorder.[/QUOTE]

The reason I named Mysteriousguy is not because I didnít want to disclose myself, itís because of the way I am in person. And Iím not suffering from any type of ďAvoidant personality Disorder?Ē

[/QUOTE=keltokel]MG...these are the healthboards. Nobody knows you and they will not judge you. There are many people with diagnosed personality disorders on these boards.[/QUOTE]

Iím not afraid of someone knowing me here or judging me, Iím way past that, absolutely has nothing to do with that.

[/QUOTE]I hope you can at least go to a thread on the healthboards that allows you to talk openly about your disability b/c you are not the only one with the same disability. That means many people suffer from your disability, assuming it is something that has been officially diagnosed.[/QUOTE]

Of course Iím not the only one with this disability. I just donít want to do it (post a thread about the ďstory of my lifeĒ right now, just because I donít. Iím not going through miserable, horrible time like I had in the past, maybe it will happen once I go to college, who knows, and maybe Iíll post it sometimes near in the future. About the happiness, Iíll explain a little bit more about that and what you said in your last paragraph.

As for your response Gypsy, I do absolutely agree with everything you have said but it isnít easy as black and white. I do not exactly dwell on my flaws and let it control me, instead, I let it be part of who I am. Not too long ago, about two years ago, I have learned to accept that condition I have as part of who I am even though it may be a flaw, instead of struggling with it. Iím at a better peace of mind because of it, because I realize things may never go my way, I may have a friend or two in the future, I may never be truly who I am and most importantly, I may never gain a sense of self-identify, the very thing that makes us human and allow us to have a personality. You should read up on that if you do not know how a sense of self-identify is derived from. I would like to appreciate what I have, Helen Keller is a perfect example of that. But you have to realize that it is most importantly how you were raised, the constant state of mind, things that influence you, your needs and your wants. Helen Keller had very wealthy parents, they were basically able to provide her 24/7 of training on her speech, reading, writing and so on. If my parents were able to afford that, which would be almost a million dollar, most of my problems might have been helped.

[QUOTE=GypsyArcher]If you focus on what you don't have, of course that is going to make you depressed. Somehow for us humans it is really easy for us to overlook all of the wealth in our lives, to take for granted the things we CAN do. If you've got a roof over your head and food to eat everyday, then you're pretty far ahead of A LOT of people in some parts of this world. Sometimes we just need a little bit of perspective.[/QUOTE]

Sure, maybe I should be blessed that I have foods and a roof to sleep under but would these two be enough for you? Let me ask you a question and I want you to think about that deeply. If you didnít have a boyfriend, absolutely no friends, not because you canít make one but something is making it extremely difficult for you to do so and at the same time preventing you from who you truly are. If you canít be funny, charming, cocky, be in control of your environment, which in the process gives you no sense of self-identify, would you actually be happy? You can only be happy for so long with foods and a place to sleep at. Wouldnít you be angry, miserable with no friend(s), that you canít express yourself and have people to see you for who you are? This is exactly why some piss poor people do succeed, because they, as well as people with no legs or arms donít have the condition that prevents them from being who they are.

Sorry lazer for stealing your spotlight, I guess I am becoming popluar here with people wondering why my name is MG, YES my evil plan works!

Yes, very corny I know.

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