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So this is regarding a relationship thats already over (by my choosing for other reasons), but I wanted to get some opinions on an issue for future relationships. I always try to learn from past mistakes and be better for the next one.

The person I was dating said she could "never" get a hold of me. This alone was completely untrue, but in all honesty, she did get a hold of me on my cell, maybe 50% of the time. The times she didnt, she'd leave messages and I'd call back almost always within the hour. She had really bad insecurity issues and I know this fed them when she couldnt immediately get a hold of me. I dont lie, and have NEVER cheated on a girlfriend, but she still didnt trust me because of past issues with her.

Heres the thing, I ride a motorcycle so I obviously dont answer when Im riding. Im also in a band and have other things going on that Im not able to answer while theyre going on. The other thing is (and Im not sure if this is right or wrong) , when Im in a conversation with friends and my phone rings, I dont always answer it. I feel its rude to drop a conversation with someone in person to talk to someone on your cell phone. She was aware of all of these things but still made a huge issue of it on several occasions.

She did mention that when Im with friends that I should at least pick up and say, Hi, sorry but I cant talk right now, can I call you later. Well, the few times I tried this, it didnt go over well and we either ended up talking for half an hour or she got mad at me.

Thoughts/opinions? Am I in the wrong for not being more available to the person I was dating or was she overreacting or were we both in the wrong? Thanks for reading.

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