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[QUOTE=minijumbofly]Start by sending her cards and text messages that does not require responses. Like "just thinking of you" and "have a good weekend" type thang. Once or twice a week is enough. Find special occasions to send the invitations like "got tickets to ..... or ......, are you free?":[/QUOTE]

Wonderful idea....not. You're going to look like a fool and possibly, a stalker. Come on, there is NO chance of you and her at all. I once did it on a girl in HS, I was pure retarded!!!! I gave her a letter, a letter that would have easily won any girl over, letting her know I was interested in her, how gorgeous she is, etc except we really didn't know each other well enough to do so. Know what happened? A year later, she told my soon "friend to be, whom turned out to be a pathetic, worthless loser" she thought I was "creepy, stalkish". I just didn't know better and that was then. But I'm glad that happened, along with two other crushes that went wrong because I benefit from it in many ways, it gave me thoughts, feelings, and changes I need within myself to become more confident, non-needy/cling looking, the way I may have used to come across like that when I spoke to girls I had crushes on from HS online (I said "used to" because I rarely chat online for the past 2 years and I'm nowhere like that way now). I may have came across like that way even though I wasn't really like that at all, especially in person except for maybe used to be alittle bit "dependent" on having a girlfriend for happiness, but that's all in the past now, since having all those crushes going wrong killed it. The point is....don't do it!! You have already shown her you are interested in her and the ball is in her court now. Don't make the same mistake as I did or you'll kick yourself in the nuts for it.

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