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I think she was being disrespectful to you. I have to say though that you let it go too far from the beginning. She was obviously testing you to see how much she could get away with. Why would you let some guy take a photo of your girl? By doing that you showed the guy that she was fair game. He obviously didn't think the two of you were an item because you didn't step in to make it clear to this guy that she was yours.

I don't think she should be dancing with other men when she is out on a date with you. She could have politely said thanks for asking but I am here with my boyfriend and the guy would have left to move onto an available girl.
I think the situation may have been a bit different if this guy were a good friend of yours and you were all out together but this guy is a stranger - hence he wants your girl and it is not innocent.

Out of all my experience with my husband and from girl friends of mine - none of the guys I know would have thought that behaviour was ok by any means - most guys would not have been able to keep their cool like you did (you have a lot of patience!). I have seen fist fights start over less than this.
We were sitting at a bar one night and the guy sitting at the table behind me kept putting his hands through my hair - I didn't notice it at first because I have long hair but then after a couple times I did and my husband was not at the table as he was in the washroom but his brother saw it and told him point blank to stop it - well he didn't - so my brother in law got up and told him once again very angrily, my husband came back and was filled in on what happened and then got up in the guys face and asked him what he thought he was doing putting his hands in my hair and he just said it was so nice he had to touch it with a smile on his face - my husband was angry and almost got into a fight with the guy before the bouncer came over - we all left before it broke out.

Hence, you did the right thing by not getting into a fight as those scenes are never pleasant and you do not owe her an apology for confiding your feelings. Next time though make it clear she is yours when you two are out. If she continues to behave this way in front of you who knows what she will do behind your back - if so either pull the reigns a little tighter on her behaviour or drop her for a girl that will appreciate you.

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