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I hope someone out there can help me

SO me and my boyfriend of 2 years and three Months have taken a break for two months so I guess I should explain why am writing I saw it coming we have talk about Lately. but anyways last week we got into a small fight about how he never listen to me and how he's always Ignoring me but when it came to him I had to listen and I told him it pissed me off and so he was like..... I have to go to the gym .. this was on a Wednesday so it was like two days and no phone call ... so on Saturday he called me up and was like your right I don't listen to you. and so we left it at that. so anyway that Saturday we had a date and we got to talking '' so he explained about him being busy and how he going to a new job and all this crap ... and I can understand and then he was like where both busy and we are. so anyways then he told for the past year or so he's been doing drugs ''pot'' and hasn't told me .... now I kinda knew he was he always talking about and going away for the weekend ... with his best friend which is a BIG POT head ... so I kinda knew in my heart about it but he told me .... now I told him along time ago that if I ever found out he did drugs I would break up with him ... but that was before I fell in love I know what you might be thinking .. but I haven't been Miss sweet and Innocent -honest I lie to him in the start of our relationship I told him that I was older then I was -I was 18 told him that I was 19 and then I didn't tell him about the fact that I was in high school .. now I wasn't under age it was kinda a big deal because at the time he was 26 and a teacher at a school ..NOT MY SCHOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so anyways it took him a lot of time to forgive me for that . so with that said I know you might think lies lies lies but trust me no one can understand the High school at my age I had a lot of problems in school the academics so more or less I was very Embarrassed and I didn't think any guy would give me a Chance. I know that might seem odd but anyways with all this background that your getting I just need someone to hear me am so lost and hurt I don't have anyone to talk I don't have any friends well I do have one but she didn't have anything to say I guess because she doesn't care all that much and she's kinda a ho she thinks I should sleep around but I can't number one he was my 1st I guess that's the hard part and I can't see myself sleeping with anyone else ... so anyways we got to talking about dating other People and he said lets not see other people I was so Surprised!!!. because I don't have anyone to talk to I write in my journal allot and I do yoga which HELPS out so much.

can can one give me some words of wisdom

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