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What to do?
Sep 6, 2006
Okay, let me give you some background information because this is crazy...

I met my boyfriend through an old friend of mine from high school. We started dating 2 weeks after we met... and it was an instant attraction. We have so much in common but also so much not in common. It's a perfect balance. We have been together for almost 5 months.. 5 amazing months.. amazing includes: ups, downs, turning around, going back, coming back, etc. Never once have we yelled at eachother but that doesn't mean we haven't fought.

During our entire relationship, his Ex-g/f has been there. Calling, stopping by, yelling at him, keeping him up til all hours of the night, manipulating him, and just being a plain psycho. He has repeatedly told her that he wants her to leave him alone, but she won't listen. His family has suggested a restraining order- but he won't do that... for some reason that I can't figure out. Three months into our relationship- she was doing her very manipulative business- and he broke up with me because he 'thought' he needed to give her another chance. The next morning he called me and told me that was the biggest mistake of his life.. I gave him another chance because sometimes people screw up.

Now- she is still doing same crap. The other night, she called 25 times in 15 minutes... he finally caved in and did what she wanted. She makes him feel like it's all his fault their relationship didn't work, when in all fairness- she has told me that it was her fault. She tells him that she cries all night because she knows I am there with him, that whenever she talks to another guy or gets interested in another guy- it feels like she is cheating on him, that she is jealous because I make him happier than she ever did, that she wants another chance to make it right, towards the beginning of our relationship she even told him she was pregnant (8 weeks along) but they hadn't had sex in like 3 or 4 months... this girl just doesn't get it through her head.

I don't know what to do. She has caused my relationship with my boyfriend so much stress and turmoil.. that sometimes, I wonder whether it's even worth it. But then I way the pros to the cons, and it is. Because I know if I give up- she wins. I know that if I give up- she will think that she can swoop in and pick up the pieces. Plus- even with all her crap and everything that has gone on- it just keeps making our relationship stronger.

I guess I don't even know what my question is. He knows how I feel about everything and we talk about everything that she does, when she calls, when she stops by, etc... I would love so much to call her or punch her or something... but I can't.

what do I do?!?!

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