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[QUOTE=LostMyHeart]In short, we were on again/off again for about 6 yrs.
Somewhere along the way (after I had met him), he also became involved with someone else. At one pt, someone had informed me they had something serious going on, so I went to him and he straight out lied to my face and denied everything. 6 months later, I finally got him to tell me, so I ended it then and there and never spoke to him again. I had tried to end things numerous times prior to that, but every time, he'd tell me it isn't what he wants and would pull me back in.
He called almost everyday for about 2 months after I ended it for good, then there was a scattered call here and there up to about 6 months later. I ignored them all, because I guess that's what I was supposed to do.
That was two yrs ago - since his last attempt to contact me. Now this.

It probably wouldn't be too hard to convince me that he is just doing this to see if I'll give in, to make sure I still care, or for some other selfish reason that has everything to do with him.
But what I can never make sense of is Why? And moreso, Why Now?
He says if I ever really cared for him, I would forgive.[/QUOTE]

Hi , well reading that, you sound quite strong to me! you confronted him about your suspicians, and then dumped him. He then tried to contact you for two months, for which you ignored his calls!

He should of got the message then.

I think he is dilusioned to say the least. He says that if you had cared you would be able to forgive? well if he cared he wouldn't of gone off behind your back.

Tell him if all he wants is your forgiveness, tell him hes got it! as it means nothing to you now, but because you can't forget, you don't wish to go down the path another time.

It sounds to me like he is just trying his luck again.

Lostyourheart, keep being strong and stick to your guns, he is just turning into an harrassment.

Two years have gone by, you have moved on, I personally think you should tell him to leave you alone.

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