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My father and my uncle said she has always been like this, just never this bad. She is getting worse by the day and no one has ever tried to get her help. She went to counseling with my father once at their church, but she puts on a complete different face in front of church members, etc.

It is scary because she is not predictable, she blows up all the time. At any hour of any day. She loves starting fights before people are going to bed. We use to wake up hearing my parents fighting in the morning. It could be any time of the day. And then it would last anywhere from hours to days to weeks that she would be in this horrible mood.

She has multiple personalities or something.

I would say I did not notice how bad it was until I moved out of the situation. Once I moved 2000 miles away, and came back I noticed it more. My father is sick and tired of her outbursts, her mental abuse to people, everything. He wants her to quit acting like this. He wants her to get help, because he loves her so much he does not want to just walk away.

I did walk away. I pretty much was forced to. She was always yelling at me, telling me I am going to end up on the street homeless, or I am going to get pregnant by my bf, etc. None of that happened. Then when I told her good things, like graduating college, suddenly she wants to do better then me and go back to school. I told her we bought a house, now we do not deserve it because we are not old enough. (we are 24 and 26).

Everything, she does not stop. I was angry when I visited back in May, because the way she was with my father was more like a roommate than a wife and husband team. She acts like they are two, not one.

My fiance and I cannot understand why she is like this, and I feel bad for my fiance, because I know he does not deserve her treatment either. So many accusations, etc. It just hurts him as well. Then she hurts him to get to me.

I think she needs help. I think somewhere she mentally lost a battle, or maybe spiritually she is fighting, but it is hard to watch. I want her to get help more than anybody, but I do not want to be part of her life anymore.

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