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I tend to agree that you should wait until you move down there and feel totally sure that you want to sleep with him. It sounds like that's what you feel comfortable with for now, and it's totally fine to take things slowly. If he really likes you, he will like you in the future whether or not you sleep with him right away. It's a big myth, in my experience, that a man who is truly into you will lose interest if things get physical too quickly, but it is also false that a man who cares about you will leave if you don't have sex immediately. I've had sex right away with all my serious boyfriends and not one of them has ever dumped me or lost interest in being with me...I just don't buy it at all that a guy worth being with would have such insecurities or double standards about sex that he'd lose interest in a woman after sleeping with her. And if he did, he clearly isn't worth wasting any more time on anyway. It's really all about what you feel comfortable with, and if he is worthy of you, he will respect whatever timetable seems right to you. So if you want to get physical, I don't see why you shouldn't, but definitely don't do it until you feel convinced that it is what you want at that particular time. Anyway, good luck--I tend to think the best relationships come out of longtime friendships, and it sounds like you two have good potential. Hopefully you'll let us know how it turns out...

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