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You feel like you're going to resent your ex for not letting you give the other guy a chance.
If you feel there may be something with the new guy, then don't let your guilt over what you did control the rest of your life. Even if things don't work out with him, then at least you'll know. And don't let your ex use that guilt to control you either.
I don't condone cheating. I was cheated on by my ex-husband, so I've been on the recieving end of this situation. But the way I look at situations like this is, there was something wrong in the relationship for the cheating to have taken place. So, that relationship has issues already. Why live your life by someone else's rules? No friend has any right to tell you who you can talk to and friends do not give ultimatums, no matter what your history is. Either your ex wants what's best for you and is your friend no matter what, or he lets go and lets you live [B]your[/B] life.
If you were still involved with your ex romantically and he asked you not to talk to this other guy, then I'd agree with him. But if from this point on he is your friend, then he can't ask things like this of you.

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