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It is normal to have some kind of change in eating habits or delve into unhealthy habits after an emotionally stressful time such as a break up. However, that doesn't make it right, and you can't keep using the break-up as an excuse.

You're just going to have to find other ways to occupy your time rather than smoking and drinking. Do you have any hobbies you could focus on? If not, maybe it is time to pursue something you've always been interested in.

You also might want to consider talking to a doctor, especially if you think you might be depressed. And, counseling is a good idea to help you deal with any emotional baggage leftover from your relationship that is "causing" you to smoke. I put "causing" in quotes because nothing is really causing you to smoke except for yourself. You really can't blame anyone but you.

Making healthier lifestyle choices is important for your overall health and well-being. Making the right choices now will help you lead a longer and happier life. But, doing so is something that you have to take action on yourself. There are no magic secrets or tricks that will make you take action.

I strongly urge you to get back into your exercise routine. I know can be tough to find the motivation to start, but once you get going it should get easier. That's because exercise is actually like a natural anti-depressant, as it releases chemicals in your brain that make you happier. I find that after I get my heart rate up for about 10 minutes, I start to smile. I also don't feel like smoking much when I exercise, because it is kind of gross to smoke beforehand and afterwards they don't taste that great either.

Otherwise, you can join a quit smoking group, or try a smoking cessation aid such at a patch or the gum.

Also, choosing healthier foods will help your mind feel better, too. What do you think about when you have a bad food binge? What else could you do or focus your energy on instead?

And, seek help from friends and family. Tell them about your desire to make healthier lifestyle choices!

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