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Hi all, this is the 2nd time I've written this post (it said I wasn't logged in last time) so this will definately be more cliff notes driven.

Quick Tidbits you should know about Me/Her/Us:

Been dating since August 13th 2006 Officially. Met July 30thish.

She had sex with her ex-bf on July 23rd, a month after they broke up. They dated for nearly 2 years, living together over a year. (Sex was unprotected, she was on the pill while they were dating, stopped taking after the breakup)

She has a dysfunctional ovary and only has a period every other month. She had her last period in June, supposed to have one near August 20th...never happened. Now urinates more often and has stomach cramps just below her belly button.

She came to me with this information 3 weeks after we started dating. I was the first person to know, her family still doesn't know. She could be pregnant...I'm hoping otherwise of course. She hasn't told her ex yet, she just had a phone call with him the other night that was her 'closure' she said, she'd never cried or really felt like it was over til that phone call she had. She does not want him back and is very happy with me (explained by parents, family, friends of hers and how she acts around me).

Now the reason I came here. She's very possibly (i think) pregnant with her ex-bfs baby. She asked me what I would do if she did end up being pregnant...I said I'd have to think long and hard about it, and she acted upset/disgruntled with me. I don't feel like I'm in the wrong for feeling like that, I could be though. She's also very cold affectionate wise. She explained to me that her and her past bfs have never been affectionate (she could count the times her and her ex had kissed in the past year on both hands, even though they had still had sex many times). I'm an affectionate person, I like that stuff =/ sue me =X. She said she'd try to be more affectionate with me...but to no avail.

As I said, this is cliff notes version because it took me forever to write it out, but here's the bottom line.

1. I'm not ready to be a father. I'm 21 and we've been dating just over a month, I want to be married and have it planned when I have -my- son...not this way.

2. I haven't left her house with a smile on my face in well over 2 weeks. I buy her flowers, help with her house when she's catching up on sleep, when I do things I think 'Will this make her smile?'. I always figured that kind of thinking, when reciprocated between 2 people who like/love eachother, would be about the perfect relationship.'s not being reciprocated.

I'm guessing the advice I'm going to get is to get out while the drama is hot before I get any deeper. But I really want to know from all points of view, which is why I'm posting here. I care about her, she's a really special and amazing young woman that I would love to be a part of her life...but given the complications, I just don't know.
Okay I really feel strongly about commenting on this......

You're only 21 and you have a gf that is possibly pregnant with her ex's child..hmmm???? .......I don't think you should have to even have second thoughts about getting out NOW!

Shes cold, not affectionate, thats the way her past relationships have been. Okay, you actually think that shes going to change? Do you understand how hard it is to change once someone is set in there ways it is HARD to do! trust me...not easy..

I wish you could really look at your age and realize how young you are and how UNLIKELY it would be for you two to stay together forever....

Move on and find a girl who could give you love the way you deserve..

She's lucky to have a man that would stay w/her after her possibly being pregnant with someone elses kid.... dang.. but I have to say that you are being naive... very..

So just because she says that your not a rebound doesn't mean that you're not! I have been in a lot of relationships where I truly believed the guy wasn't a rebound because I thought I really liked him but in the end thats all they ended up being...........

think about it. it's only been 4 weeks. Good Lord your fretting over this drama girl after 4 weeks?


take care hun!

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