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if she's not pregnant, she's still not able to meet your needs....
what are you thinking?[/QUOTE]

She doesn't meet my needs because she isn't affectionate. She isn't affectionate because A) Her guard is up from her previous ex and/or B) She's never been around affection and her bfs have never given her any. She grew up raised by her single mother that never had a good boyfriend (her mom explained this to me) and so Kelsey never saw affection when she was growing up, it was non-existent. The boyfriends even beat her mom, which makes me think that possibly Kelsey was hit too because she's very rough/physical when she plays around and that's fun to her. Makes me think that that's one of the few things she can associate with 'affection'.

And a big reason I'm still with that as a whole, she's got a good heart I think. I want to help that good heart be happy. My dad always raised me that if I saw a good person in need of a helping hand, that I could provide, do it. You never know when you might need one...but I don't think he was considering this kind of a situation when he told me that.

That's what I'm thinking, that's why I'm still with her. I hope and pray that someday soon she'll be affectionate, which is why I'm going to her friend to look for advice on her (I've already discussed things with her mom and that's what I've found out, now I'll see what the best friend can tell me). I know I'm running out of detours and it looks like no matter where I turn, I'm still headed down the same road of breaking up with her...I've even turned to going to movies and hanging out with my guy friends, or going out by myself cruisin around and such to make her think I am out running around and doing my own thing like I would if I were single, and it hasn't phased her.



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