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First of all, thanks for all the indepth posts/feedback you all have given. I expected the posts telling me to get out but you opened me up to new reasons as to why. But furthermore, an even bigger reason why I posted, was advice the other way on how things could work out. Here's an update on what's happened:

Last night I talked with her for a short bit (not a lot of time to talk because her cousin just won't leave her alone lately, we're talking more tonight) and figured a good deal out. When I try to be affectionate towards her (small things, putting my arm/hand on her leg, holding her hand) she will often times pull away. Granted, 95% of the time we're together we're around other people, and she really isn't into PDA of any kind, so be it. But she explained to me later that she has and will have a huge guard up. She opened herself up completely to her last bf, and after she got taken advantage of for well over a year, it's tore her up and she knows the more affectionate she is to me, the more she's open to be hurt again, and she's afraid of that. Ok, i can sympathize.

As far as the pregnancy goes, i stressed to her that it really is affecting me and is on my mind far too much for comfort and that I'd really like her to get tested. She then admitted to me that she had unprotected sex with him well over a year (idiotic, i know) but...she never ended up pregnant. And obviously it's not the guy, he had a one night stand with some random girl and got her pregnant. I asked her...and she said she's pretty sure somethings' wrong with her, and I could tell it hurt her to say it (she is infatuated with pregnant bellies and babies, she loves them to no end). She also said she doesn't think she's pregnant and isn't stressing about it just because she has to pee more frequently and missed one period. She's suffering no morning sickness or any other signs of pregnancy. I guess we'll know for sure in October.

Ex-bf wise, I really don't know how to go at that. She doesn't stay in contact with him per se, she doesn't call him or talk to him. She does talk about him a bit more than I'd like, but it's never positive when she does. She spent 2 years of her life with him (recently) so a lot of her recent memories and experiences in life involve him, not necessarily revolve around him. It took me nearly 10 monthes to finally get over my 'first love'...everyone has their first love. This was hers. Granted I don't know how long it could possibly take her to get over him, she isn't going back to him.

So my decision thus far? Hope she isn't pregnant and I'll know more after we talk tonight. It's sensitive ground because I know why she isn't affectionate (her ex-bfs never were, so being with someone that's affectionate is a whole nother ballfield) and she knows why I am...and she apologized for not being more affectionate. She does feel bad when she knows it upsets me, she tells me and i can tell by her eyes when she talks to me. I hope that her guard will go down with time once she realizes that I won't be like her past boyfriends were...I just don't know how much time I should be looking to invest and whether it's worth the time.

Life sure is a complicated puzzle. =X

Thanks again for all the support/advice.
I talked with the friend last night and she explained to me a couple things.

1. She does truly like me. She isn't just putting up a front to keep her friends happy. She told me herself I was much like a 'nice guy' she had dated before and totally lost interest in just because he was nice she thinks. Her friend told me that the situation with that guy and what our relationship is are totally different and that she really is happy to be with me.

2. She also explained that Kelsey puts up a wall when she dates someone (sounds stupid, but here we go). The friend started dating a guy and she herself put up a wall on the guy that she really liked. Kelsey scolded her for it and told her that she's putting up a wall and is going to turn away a really good guy. Then the friend looked back at her and told her that she does the same thing when she's with someone she likes. The friend told me she did it with her past two boyfriends and it's probably what is going on now. She also told me that if I wait it out she knows it'll blow over.

3. Kelsey is one of those girls that likes her space. Alright, I can respect that. I enjoy the time I spend with her and feel like I could never get enough of it, but that may be because we have our space =).

So I'm still with my 2 options: Break up with her or wait it out and hope there's light at the end of the tunnel. For now I'll be honest and say I really hope there's light at the tunnel. I realize a lot of you that responded are just shaking your heads and sighing at my naiveness or lack of foresight, but I know what I'm getting into and if I get hurt...then meh, nothing new in this thing I call my life. Thanks again for all the help and support, I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings.

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