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This one is lengthy
Sep 14, 2006
I need some advice! How do I talk to him with out the major arguements! My Boyfriend of over a year, has a BAD BAD anger probably. He has gone to 2 anger management classes and they have not helped.

His mom stopped raising him at the age of 10 and his dad as never been in his life. He has always been angry with them. He is the sweetest person I have ever met, but when he gets mad he punches holes in the wall and hits HIMSELF and yells at me and talks down to me. this happens like once every 3-4 months.
I want to be there for him, but his anger is getting to the point i cna't deal with it anymore. Im too laid back for it.

ok so here is the scenario ( most recent)....

I was best friends with this kid name Randy who had an older brother Tommy. I hung out with them literally everyday for 2 years. When I met Leo my relationship with Randy soured b/c of him... he made up lies about me and created Drama... We are no longer on speaking terms. Then Randy stepped over the line and started making rumors of Leo (my bf) So now Leo is made at him. (this is was almost 2 years ago)
*** This is such childish actions I KNOW****

9 months ago we went bowling and it so happened that Randy and Tommy were there with alllll there friends/ So Leo wanted to confront Randy about his rumors. It was very confrontational and Tommy saw it and told Leo to leave or else he'll throw the bowling ball at his head. Ok so Leo gets mad at ME... b/c they were my friends and saying i had really ****ed up firends and so on...

Last night... WE went to QT after the baseball game off of 29 and 316. Leo wanted a slushie. We walked in and we see Tommy, who happens to work there. So Leo looks and me and tells me he has to go to the bathroom. When he walked in, Tommy turned around and asked me "how are you doing?" and I say, "Good" and he goes "I saw your mom the other day" and i say "yeeh she told me" and that was it... Leo comes out gets his slushies and we drive out... he looks at me and say" did you talk to him?" and i said "he asked me how i was doing" then he goes "SO U DID TALK TO HIM!! *** is WRONG WITH YOU?" He throw his slushie out the window. I asked"why did you do that?" and he says "**** YOU! **** YOU!" so I hoped out the car and start walking towards QT from the 316 he makes a u turn into QT. I kep walking about to call my bro to come get me and drives in front of me, telling me to get in the car, and I told him no b/c i dont want him to yell at me.

He told me to get in bc he doesnt want me going to QT where tommy is. So i hop in, and he tells me thats the most ****ed up thinkg I could have ever done. I told him " I wasnt going inside I was going to the nearest spot that had light and call someone. He said he didnt care. He kept asking me why i would do such a ****ed up thing and that he doesnt care if i knew him for 15 years, I shouldnt talk to him and that I was ****ed up in the head. The rest of the ride was silent. We get home and he tells me he cant deal with me in to just go inside (11:30pm) around 2am he comes inside hops on the computer... then he makes his bed on the floor next to the bed. and knocks out

I wake up and ask him for a hug and he said no and rolled over...

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