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Hello, I'm new here and I'm looking for advice. Apologies for the ramble, but here's the background:

A lifelong friend of mine was divorced a little over a year ago. I helped him wtih the paperwork (I have a legal background) and I know the whole deal. In a nutshell, he married a women he really didn't love. Their courtship was brief, he was young, he jumped into marriage for the wrong reasons, they produced twins (a boy and a girl) thier 6now) and he hung for a long time for childrens sake before he couldn;t take her any longer. She was nasty to him all the time and it was hard to be around them. All of us (his friends and family) were glad that he finally decided to bail; it was a healthy decision for him because he was plain miserable and he didn't want his children to live with misery. Their divorce was ugly. His ex is a compulsive liar and cried to neighbours and family about having no money, that he was having an affiar, etc. While they were separated (for a year and half), this guy paid all the bills, house payments, food shopping, everything for his kids wellbeing, and she was crying poverty to anyone who would listen. She lied about a lot of other things too. My friend didn't even care what she said, he was glad to be done with her.

A while after they were separated he met a woman and I swear Ive never seen this guy so happy. They just got engaged and they make an awesome couple. I enjoy being around them (I personally couldn't stand his ex, it was difficult to hang with him and her).

Here's the thing. I ran into his ex at a bar recently and was cornered by this woman. She went on and on about how she knew that my friend was having an affair for years during their marriage(huh?) with his fiance and that she told their children that this is why they got a divorce. THat it was all his fault and his fiance's and that she was an innocent victim. She went on to slam the fiance (which annoyed the hell out of me because his fiance is such a good person). At first I was laughing cuz this guys like a brother to me. Believe me he is no cheater (i know alot of players and he has never been one). BUt then I thought, I can't believe she told this to their young children!

My question: do I tell him that this is what she told their kids?

It's hard because altough I think it will hurt him, doesnt he deserve to know the truth about what bs she feeds them? She made up this story of him being unfaithfull so that she doesn't have to take any responsibility in the marriage ending. Why is she lying to hurt the relationship he and his bride to be have with his children? Shouldn't the kids be put above the squabbling and conflict the woman has with her former husband? Or should I just let it lie and mind my own business?

Whew. Thanks for reading. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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