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Can you give us an example of something you "need" in your relationship that you have to keep asking for over and over?

I know exactly what you're talking about, though. And I must say, I'm as confused as you are.

I have had a few major relationships in my life. The first one, I knew would not last forever, because I was too young, and I wanted to date others.

The second one, I thought I was going to marry. I definitely did not always feel happy, though, and wondered why he did not even seem to care if I ever felt cherished/special beyond that first year, and I could completely relate to "imagining things being different with the one I would actually marry." I loved him dearly, though, but we ended up breaking up by HIS choice.

Now I am in a relationship with a guy who I know loves me and who I love also, but it seems not a day goes by where I don't think, "Why did he just do that/ say that/ why didn't he ______/ what if he is not The One, because I never imagined my relationship with my HUSBAND being this way." For example, I keep waiting for him to tell me I'm beautiful and he wants to take me out, or something along those lines, but the closest I've been getting for months is, "You're cute" and he bought me a cup of tea. LOL. Other days, I think we could surely have a happy marriage and just need to work on on communicating better.

So I am just as confused as you and have no answers. I constantly wonder if it's possible to have a relationship where the other person does not annoy you at times.

Is it, anyone?

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