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Sep 26, 2006
:confused: My Boyfriend and I have been dating for about 4 months. I was a virgin before I met him. We started having sex about three weeks after we started dating. We have great sex the best he says he has ever had and he has had sex with quite a few girls. He hasnít masturbated in a very long time. Things were going great until about a month ago. We will have sex like 5 times a day and it is amazing and then the next day he wonít be able to get off at all. When he drinks he canít get off either even by masturbation. It is really starting to bug me because we will have the most amazing sex in the world and then he wonít be able to go for like 2 day even with masturbation. He says it isnít me but yet he has never had this problem before. He is 22 and should be at the prime of his sexually drive. When I say it is me he says that it isnít, he tells me he has just never had sex like this before and this much. EX: Last night he had alcohol and was just buzzed we tried to have sex. He couldnít get off. Then this morning we woke up and tried it again and he still couldnít get off. So He tried to masturbate while I went to take a shower. He still couldnít get off. It is kind of frustration to me. Is this normal, are we having too much sex, am I not hot enough for him? It makes me doubt and feel like I am the problem. Does anyone have any advice in what the problem may be? I am a rooky with this whole sex thing and need to know what to do please help me.

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