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I had the same problem. My fiance was on, and low and behold this girl from his high school who had a crush on him and visa versa, but never did anything contacted him.

Well she lives two states away, but first it was catching up and remembering the good ol days. Then she got his number to talk. I was ok with this, old friend, sure why not. But she called 10 times in one day. I was like uh.. that is strange. But not only did she do it one day but everyday she would call, and he would not pick up because he was busy, and she would not call at night because he said he had a gf.

The problem is she confessed she still loved him, and has been trying to find him for 8 years!!!!!!!! She said she cannot live without him and life is not worth living unless she is with him. He got angry at her for doing that and playing with his head when he is in a relationship but he still talked to her, because she apologized. THEN... she asked him to leave me!! But get this.. she was living with her 2 childrens' father, NOT married of course since she was in search of my dearest. But she made this guy believe that they would marry some day.. maybe on kid 5.... but eventually it all stopped. He told her to f*** off. and not to contact him and tell him to leave me, or to visit him or him visit her. He said you know this is messed up. If you cared so much you would have gotten in contact with me years ago. You would not have gone and had two kids with someone else and then leave him and expect me to raise someone elses kids.

He was right, but I did not think the wh*r* deserved any explanation. I said in the background once, what does the **** want. She was like ooh your gf is certainly moody. Man believe me this was a LONG 5 months. I was going to leave if he did not stop talking to this woman. She CARED NOTHING for my feelings, she could have cared less if I was hit by a car. All she wanted was him, and if I had emailed her it would have given her more fire power to steal him away. Plus then he would have trusted me less. The only difference here is that he never changed his password, and he never hid anything from me, he showed me some emails or told me of some phone calls.... but not all of them.. which bothered me too.

I would see if you could pull the plug on this. This woman is most likely up to NO good and your husband seems to be enjoying the attention like my fiance did. A little too much, maybe he will see through her like my honey did, or maybe he is just as much to blame.

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