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I am in a long relationship but its also long distance. We only see each other at weekends and I find it really hard during the week as I can't help imagining all sorts of horrible things. I know he's a guy and he's at uni so he's gonna go out but it's every week and without fail. He never used to be like it so I can't help but wonder why he's suddenly so into going out. I always feel that in a relationship going out all the time is a bit lame but he doesn't think having a girlfriend means he should go out any less than if he was single. Am I being unreasonable to assume as he has a gf he'd stay in more than his single friends? He says he'll do what he wants because I shouldn't get upset over it and make him feel guilty. I feel really alone in these insecurities as none of my friends obsess the way i do, how can I get over this stuff?

Also I'm quite an insecure person so worry bout other girls being round him...and now he's living in halls and when he goes out the girls that live there hang round wiv him and I just get really wound up by it. That is my problem obviously but he knows it upsets me but just doesnt seem to care infact I swear he tries to wind me up bout it more. If there was something he didnt like or got worried bout i wouldnt do it, I've never had guy friends since I was wiv him cos he gets paranoid so why can he have these girl friends now &say I' ve got no right to worry and make him feel bad.

I just don't get it and it's driving me mad. If you know where Im coming from I'd welcome any advice but similarly if you can see his side can you explain to me better than he does y goin out every week is so important.

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