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Does anyone else agree with me that it is unappropriate (spelling) for my boyfriend's ex to say "I love you" to him at the end of their phone calls? (they are still friends, and i have no problem with that) He says ditto back.

He tells me he's tried previously (before we were even a couple) to talk to her about it. But she still says it, and actually gets annoyed when he doesn't say it back! It's one thing to care about her and "love" her as a friend... but he better not be saying "I love you" to her!

Am I "right" for having a problem with this?!!? Neither of them seem to see the same problem that I see. I've been cheated on, lied to and manipulated before.. so I know I have trust issues and even slight paranoia.. but come on!! To me, the phrase "I love you" should not be used lightly.

How can I help him uderstand my point of view??

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