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Well, JMO but I think most people would have a problem with that. His ex-girlfriend is clearly not over him, and that is dangerous. I'd ask him why he'd bother to go out and get a new girlfriend when he can't even let go of his old one. That isn't fair to you at all.

I think the only way to get him to see how you feel is by taking action. You tried talking to him and that didn't do anything. So leave. Make him choose. Tell him you don't put up with that kind of crap. And you shouldn't. I think if he really cares about you then it will be a reality check for him. It sounds like they talk on the phone fairly often...why did they even break up in the first place?

You deserve better than don't hang around and take it.
[QUOTE=jen52983]He recently told her that I didn't like that she says it. Of course now I'm the "crazy jealous girlfriend" and shes still the good friend! Grr.. But the true test now.. if she really does just love him as a friend, then she'll have the respect for him, and me, not to say it now that she knows how i feel. If she still does... then she's still an ex who can't move on.. and I may have to step in a say something myself!![/QUOTE]

This is a very good point. If she loved him only as a friend, out of respect for her friendship and for her friend's new love, she would stop saying it if it bothered you.

I definately don't think you're the crazy jealous girlfriend -- I think it is more than she's the crazy ex who can't move on -- but I suppose if she stops insisting that 'I love you' is a part of her friendship with your man, then you don't have much to worry about. The fact that they need to continue a friendship to me seems a bit odd, and his loyalties should reside with you.

I also think that if they were just friends and that was their only intention, that she would want to develop a friendship with you as well. Strictly platonic guy and girl friend relationships are kind of like brother and sister relationships, and usually a sister wants to get to know her brother's new woman.

I was a bit jealous of my BF's one good gal pal during the first year of our relationship. While they had never been romantically involved, you could tell they did (and still do) care about each other. And they had known each other since 5th grade. I think she could sense I was a bit worried and what happened was she started to ask me to go do things with her -- just the two of us, girl things. And today, we hang out and talk more than her and my BF, and I'm going to be in her wedding next year (so is my BF). That is how a healthy friendship should be. Oh, and they don't say 'I love you' to each other, even though I know there is a friend-love there.
Oh you are so not the crazy girlfriend! They are both being completely disrespectful and rude to you but triple shame on him because he is the only one that owes you the respect. I would be absolutely furious. This girl knows exactly what she is doing. She has obviously not moved on from him. I have plenty of male friends and don't have to say "I love you" before I get off the phone with them. The only people I say "I love you" to at the end of a phone conversation are my fiance and sometimes my mom. They are BOTH acting extremely inappropriately. He needs to stop now. How dare he even say ditto to her? My ex-boyfriend recently sent me an email saying that he misses me and wants to be friends and said he loved me and all I could think of is how sorry I feel for his current gf because that is an inappropriate thing to say to somebody else when you are in a relationship. Put your foot down; you are not "crazy" or unreasonable. Not by a long shot. I would have done thrown a fit a long time ago! :mad:

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