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Oh you are so not the crazy girlfriend! They are both being completely disrespectful and rude to you but triple shame on him because he is the only one that owes you the respect. I would be absolutely furious. This girl knows exactly what she is doing. She has obviously not moved on from him. I have plenty of male friends and don't have to say "I love you" before I get off the phone with them. The only people I say "I love you" to at the end of a phone conversation are my fiance and sometimes my mom. They are BOTH acting extremely inappropriately. He needs to stop now. How dare he even say ditto to her? My ex-boyfriend recently sent me an email saying that he misses me and wants to be friends and said he loved me and all I could think of is how sorry I feel for his current gf because that is an inappropriate thing to say to somebody else when you are in a relationship. Put your foot down; you are not "crazy" or unreasonable. Not by a long shot. I would have done thrown a fit a long time ago! :mad:

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