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OH please, don't worry about what she said. What a stupid thing to say. No, girls can't tell how experienced a guy is. And, so what if you are a bit inexperienced. It is totally normal to be young and not have had too many dates or whatever --- believe me, there are plenty of other guys and other girls out there just like you with the same insecurities. It may seem like everyone else is getting "game" but that's just because you focus your mind that way. That girl was just spitting out her ghetto attitude. I would be sarcastic in return. Say something like "oh yeah I'm a real amatuer, I could not even get my grandma to kiss me." hahahaha. Then laugh. Laughing at yourself is one way to overcome those situations. Or you could have joked something like "Yeah, the models at the playboy mansion kept telling me how amatuer I am." hahahahaha. Does that sound like it would work to get her off your back?

One thing the girl was probably right about is how she disagreed with your friend. She probably does have a better understanding of what girls want than your buddy. BUT, you got to know that all girls are different and it really does depend on the individual as far as what a girl finds attractive.

Sure, your outgoing friend probably does do well with girls because he is outgoing. I'm not going to lie and say that us quiet people (I can be quiet too) don't have a harder time meeting people -- not just members of the opposite sex but if you're on the quiet side you probably find it more difficult to meet new people in general.

One thing I can tell you is that girls are attracted to confidence and self esteem. You can still be quiet and have a healthy sense of confidence.

And hey, just because you are quiet and even if you're not that experienced, or a so-called amatuer, doesn't mean girls won't find you attractive. Some girls are even more attracted to the quiet types. And, some girls definately like someone who has less experience and hasn't been with a million different girls. Actually, most girls feel that way.

I bet when you do find a girlfriend -- and don't worry, there is no rush -- that you'll treat her very well and probably better than your friend. And that is what is truly important.

But hey, you say she has a ghetto attitude. Bringing you down a bit by making that comment probably made her feel better about herself and that is the main, deep reason why she said it. Of course she doesn't realize that.

So please, stop worrying. Girls will come sooner or later.

OH, and who wants someone with "game"? Only other people who play games. Trust me, you don't want to get involved with game playing when it comes to relationships. Most girls find that a total turn off. What you should do instead of playing games or whatever, is just be yourself!
Duuude stop trippen. Why are you even listening to a ghetto chick?.... Let me tell you something and i'm one picky broad.....

It's not whether you have game or not. Because straight up if some guy comes up to me and tries to spit ANY game AT ALL, it's a total turn off because well what do guys only want when they spit there so called game? I hate being treated like a peice of meat.

Game in my opinion, is a guy with a great personality. When I was single and guys would come up to me at the bars, clubs, streets, grocery stores lol I would maybe talk to say 1 out ever 10 guys, right? Well that one guy I did decide to give my time to was because he was just genuinly nice, kind, polite, had a good sense of humor, easy to talk to- he wasn't some guy who acted all weird, and talked too much, or just spit some game....

Someone with TRUE game doesn't need game. Get it? your personality just gets the girls by just being YOU. As long as your a good guy and [U]have good intentions[/U] then you have no need to worry. So stop fretting over that comment your co-worker said.

It's Friday, relax and have fun!

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