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Sep 30, 2006
okay...earlier this night my boyfriend recieved a call from his friend who was drunk and needed a ride.... we were hanging out at home...about to go to bed- my bf told me he was going to pick his friend up- i offered to drive with him to keep him company--grabbing my 4m/o puppy to bring along...hey we were just dropping the guy off why would i get ready? SOO after we pick him up the guy offers to buy my bf food. So at first the sugggestion is jack and the box-whatever it's on the way, semi fast, and easy. okay. lines too long- we end up not going- So we are keep driving then the guy says he wants Denny's and will buy everyone food- I suggest stopping by another jack and the box closer to his home- but he keeps insisting on Denny's. I say no i don't want to go in...I was in my pjs, had my little pup in the car...and honestly had no desire to eat after we had just eaten. (my bf and i earlier) so we pull into denny's the guy keeps saying "come on man just let her wait in the car" blah blah blah.... i was insanely angry at that point. My bf says no he can't do that ect... i suggested making an order to go....blah blah blah...that wasn't good enough.... anyways we keep driving towards the guys house.... We happen to pass another Denny's this time my bf pulls in.... the guy talks him into going in...ordering blah blah blah...keeps telling me to come in...I say no. I'm not leaving the dog in the dark car that doesn't lock properly (my boyfriends car, and one of the doors is broken) it was too cold (dog is a TINY TINY teacup puppy) i had short short short shorts on.....and a tank...the guy offers his huge swearshirt...i couldn't get no period into his head...the guy is complaining--"was i always like this" ect... my bf upset with me at that point continues with "i was always that way..." ect....Finally they both leave me in the car for about 30 mins.... I was insanly angry when he comes back 30 minutes....we are now fighting.... i guess im in the wrong now.... ahh! what would you do???

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