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Maybe some women pick jerks because they have low self esteem and like being treated badly. Or, maybe they appear to be jerks to you, but to the women they aren't jerks. Or, maybe you're nice, and that comes off as sickly sweet, or wussy, and it makes them feel weird to be put on a pedestal. Jerks might be more able to defend their turf (and protect their woman), and a nice guy could be unassertive and unable to make her feel as safe? It's more fun for a girl to think a guy doesn't like her, and chase after him, than to have a guy who will show up with roses and chocolates on a first date, because that could feel stalkerish and creepy. Or, maybe you're interested in the wrong women and you're overlooking the women who like nice guys. Just throwing possibilities out there. But why do men always say that women only like jerks? What behaviors have you seen in jerks that seems like the women are being treated badly? I think good guys might finish later, not last, which doesn't have to be a bad thing.


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