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BulletProof: Thank you for your reply:
While I have nice sides of my life and positive things that I tremendously appreciate and can write pages about, but this would be irrelevant to these boards. And yes I do often wonder why does this stuff happen? I know it is partly my mistake because I am not as "sociable" as this fella in work expects me to be: I can't laugh, smile, or even feel comfortable when he talks about his company credit cards, nights in hotels getting "legless" and flirting with "chicks", intimidating me every second with his presence, checking exactly what minute I am in and out work. I mean, I just can't take ointerest in anything to do with him, and I guess I don't have to but he doesn't like it. I have been in this job for more than two years and my experience has been nothing but wonderful, and I get on great with everyone, including my boss. The situation is he has got issues and I am the only one in the office to take it out on, although he does get really nasty to everyone else. We have another office in a different city, and there is a new guy there who is young and really polite, but he said that he got the job only because he was someone's brother, then it turned out that he was not related to anyone. Then he went on to the guy's personal website and is planning humiliation big time for him because he mentioned something about staff's "humble" wages, he left no one that he hasn't read that to, I mean so what? He even urged me to put a complaint against this poor man (which I categorically refused) just because he made a mistake. Doesn't that say something about him? And this is only ONE example. Honestly I can go on for few more pages. I wouldn't be bothered but I see him and (only him and my boss) everyday. It is very explosive between me and him now, and yesterday he didn't speak at all to me.

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