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Basically that sums things up, I was at work on friday and my boyfriend sent me an email saying ' I think it would be best if we broke things off and moved on with our lives.' I'm utterly shocked. This is a long distance relationship so we do most of our communication online.

I think what brought this about was the fact that I told him I thought it was unacceptable to go out with his friends for two weeks straight and only give me an hour every other night of his time. I told him i was unhappy. Earlier in the relationship when he broke up with me the FIRST time, I decided to go out with another man. He found this out and we made up and everything was okay except that now everytime i say i'm going out, he thinks i'm cheating on him. I can't even say i'm going out to dinner with family without him giving me the silent treatment for days and yet he can do whatever he wants?

Up until that day he told me we should 'move on' he was just has normal as ever. Heck, we were even talkign about moving in together and starting a familly. How can someones feelings just stop like that? I'm more angry than hurt. To send me an email when i'm at work is beyond pathetic.

He seems to do this to me a lot...he'll break things off temporarily because he's so insecure that i'm cheating on him. I basically have to baby him and tell him i wasn't in order for him to get to talk to me again. Well, I haven't spoken with him since he sent me that email. I just want to know how someones feelings can change from day to day like that. This is the man I wanted to marry and have children with. I'm almost still in complete shock he could end it like that but at the same time, he's done it so many times and always gives me some excuse for doing it and i fall for it each time...I'm not sure if i should even take him seriously and just assume we'll start up talking again. I dont know if i should even dignify him with a response. I guess i'm just venting : /

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