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I am in need of some advice. I am a 27(almost 28,my birthday is in a week) single male. Unfortunately, I have been single quite a long time now. I haven't had a girlfriend in about six and a half years. I feel very embarassed to even admit that but its true. Basically the story is that I was dating someone for about three years from the time I just turned 19 until I was almost 22 and me and her were in love and we planned on always being together and getting married and all the normal things that you wish for but instead things ended up falling apart between us which eventually led to us breaking up and then after we broke up she met somebody else and that just put an end to me and her ever getting back together.

The whole problem with me is that I have had a problem getting back on my feet ever since breaking up with her. Its not that I am still in love with her and its keeping me from moving on, although I do still care for her, its at a healthy level, and if I met the right girl I could definately begin a relationship with somebody else. But the problem is that I am not able to meet anyone else. I know I will sound like every other guy on these boards when I say that I am a nice, good looking, hard working, guy but its true, I am! lol.

Now its not that I have been totally not out with anyone over the years, because I have been out on dates and out for coffee with girls and things of that nature but none of them ever turned into relationships. I had one girl that I asked out, and this girl I was crazy about, she was like the girl of my dreams, I asked her out she said yes, we exchanged numbers and everything was seemingly going well and she kept talking about how she was busy and as soon as she got some free time we would go out and to make a long story short shes been telling me that almost two years now and its still yet to happen, so obviously I don't have alot of faith in that. Another girl I met last year from one of those online personals sites, we met for dinner one night, I thought she was great, very attractive, great personality, we went out on two nice dates and then she started acting all distant and cold towards me and when I asked her what was wrong all she said was that she didn't see herself staying with me in the long term and that she figured she would tell me now before things went any further. Yeah, it makes sense I know, but not exactly how I wanted things to go.

Another problem I have is that I am a quiet person. Not really shy so much, just quiet. I dont go out to bars or clubs. I dont drink at all so theres really nothing in it for me, besides I hear so much about how those are really the worst places to meet people anyway and I just dont have much exposure to single girls my age. I work full time in an office with about 15 other people 4 guys the rest are females but most of them are older and even the ones that are my age have boyfriends. Out of a group of 15 people I am the only one thats single. But I am outgoing and friendly and I personally think that I could be alot of fun once people get to know me but I just feel like after all these years of not having a girlfriend and having all this hard luck with girls that I have been out on dates with its like my self-esteem is pretty low, I feel confused about how to meet people and also embarassed to have to admit how long its been since I have been in a relationship. I feel like if a perspective girl finds out how long I have been single she might feel like theres something wrong with me that I have been without a girlfriend for so long. I also feel kinda nervous about meeting someone, even though I want to, its kinda like the fear of the unknown and not knowing what the girl is all about and I'm a bit uneasy about that.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? :confused:

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