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married 8 years, nice brand new home was a hard worker, good provider, good husband and father. I was very romantic, we traveled and I thought we had a nice life. Wife was stay at home mom, 2 years after second was born, and unknown to me, she began an online relationship with old boyfriend found through an old classmate related web site who was also married that developed into an 8 month relationship that ended up with meeting in hotel rooms before I discovered it. Ugly 2 year divorce, now get along well for sake of children, boyfriend ended up divorcing himself and ex-wife and him now married 2 years. After my divorce met beautiful girl who was divorced twice, treated me very nice, I treated her very nice, she was struggling financially on her own in apartment, I again built another nice home, it was empty and I helped her out with her finances, but with empty home and her struggling financially, we deceided to move in together in my home, things great first 6 months, she opened up to me and I discovered wild side and dark past, she explained the past was in the past, really loved me and wanted to always be with me and really wanted a normal life with the right man. I felt she was being honest, everyone has faults and a past and deserves benefit of the doubt. She wanted to finish school and work. Afterwords, we began to argue badly and then made up. She had nowhere to go and couldn't afford a place to live on her own. We kept making up and her school and future looked bright as i continued to help her. She got a job part time in dictors office and immedialely treated me bad and sercetive, I was suspicious and the story ends she had relationship with geeky nerdy doctor who recently has his wife leave him. She left abruptly but appears to have a nice place to live and also appears doctor set her up. She has 2 children too who are riding this wave with her, besides doctor support, appears she may be seing other men as well to (additional financial support?). Her leaving and her new set up all happened within the last few weeks.

Is the problem them, really me in some way? Am I too gulable, am I attracting the wrong women, does anybody have some advice as to where I can turn to for relationship recovery, support groups and advice on how to move forward without feeling I should just give up on all women and relationships?

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