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Am I Crazy????????
Oct 3, 2006
i had been with my boyfriend for two years,(i know thats not long,but humor me for just a minute). anyways, after 2 years of cleaning up after him and fallowing him state to state-house to house, even having his daughter...i did everything he asked of me... the only thing he complained about most often was me not having a job..but i cant cook,clean, work and care for a baby all at once...even working full time i wouldnt be able to afford good child care, and he wouldnt help me pay for that... my point being, is with all of the things we have been threw, and all of the things i had to "deal" with, he tells me last night that im ugly, fat, stupid, and worthless. that the only reason he had been sleeping with me recently is so he didnt have to pay for a babysitter. and the only reason he tollerated and was nice to me for so long is it was habbit because we had been together for "soooo" long. i dont get what i did that was so terrible. i wanted a good relationship, i wanted my daughter to have a nice, drug free life. and i didnt want people disrespecting my one year old daughter. ok i cant really think right now....i just dont understand how you can love someone so much who acts like they hate you equally. no respect for their own respect for the one person who supported most of his discissions, had his child, loved him even with all of his flaws, nobody is perfect and i know i am far from. but i know this break up is for the best i just cant convince my really sucks.........for me..there is just too much that went on to just write it all down. sorry to babble i just cant think right now. but if you have anything to say id like to hear it...and any questions, i will be more than happy to answer.....thanx....mandy.

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