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I miss her...
Oct 3, 2006
Well to begin, I broke up with ex-girlfriend beginning of this year. It has been quite a few months since then, and for the past months I've been fine. I have enjoyed my single life, I have made new friends and though I did still think about my ex durring these times, it never really bothered me too much. I was open to the idea of dating again, flirted with a few women, but for the past 4 days or so I can not stop thinking about my ex and it is killing me inside. I guess this new feeling came about after finding out that she has moved on. I always had it in the back of my mind that she should and probably did move on and I was ok with that. In fact I was happy for her, but I guess since I know now that she has actually moved on, it kills me. I don't know if I broke up with her for the right reasons. My family is very important to me and their perception of her was never really great. The kept telling me that she isn't the one. Now to be honest with everyone, we were quite different, but oppisites to attrack. Were there things I wanted to see different in her, yes, but I still loved her for her. It made me upset that my family didn't take to her. I wanted a family that loved her as much as I did. Anyhow, we were dating for quite a number of years before I dicided we should call it quits. But as I said before I don't know if I made the right decision for the right reasons. After a number of months of not talking to her or not physically seeing her, I have had this undieing erge to call her or even email her. If I could, I would even go see her, but I am worried that she would flip me the bird and say, I have found someone else. I didn't mind if she was in someone elses arms, but lately, I can't even phathem the idea as it hurts to much. I don't know if this is a phase that I am going through or perhaps knowing that she has moved on made me realize that my decision was perhaps ill-managed. She was my best friend, and so to have this lumming over my head and not have someone else to bounce this off of makes it even harder. Rarely do I feel sick when I am this emotional about something, so is this telling me something? What do you guys and gals make of this? Any opionions? My thinking was to give it a couple of weeks and if I still feel this way, email her and let her know.

P.S. Just a reminder, I did the breaking up, I created the pain that both she felt and I am feeling now. I don't know if the pain that I had caused her should be revisited, or if she will ever forgive me?

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