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Is my Bf gay?
Oct 4, 2006
Hi, Im having this problem where a couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I were having sex and he stopped in the middle and didnt want to any more and didnt know why he left not long after..i thought nothing of it i was upset but thought nothing anyway the next day i was talking to him online and he said we had to talk and he should tell me in person..and i was like what? and we went on and i made him tell me and he just kept saying he was confused and that he had to tell me in person i got really upset and my heart started to race i told him he had to tell me he was realy upsetting me and he quickly changed everything he had said around and said that he was just going to stay at my apartment for the night and he was just joking..that stayed with me for a few days all i could think was that he was going to tell me he was gay..i ot over it and forgot about it until this morning i was n his computer and found a site it was gay guys ..obviously i was very upset my stomach started to hurt i almost cried and then he came over and said he was never on that am very scared that he is gay and dont know what to do what if i ask him about it and he says he isnt and how could i think so confused could someone give me some advice and tell me what they think?thanks!!!

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