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I met a guy last night through my friend...she wanted to set us up for some time now so we arranged to all go out together in a big group to take the pressure off (and, if we didnt like each other at least we'd have a good time regardless). The guy is the best friend of her boyfriend, so I trust that hes a good guy which really helps!

Well, there was a lot of drinking and some bar-hopping, but through all that I think we managed to really get along. We stayed after everyone else left and he was very polite and mannerly toward me (did all the traditional things guys do for girls on dates- pull the chair out, touched the small of my back a few times, paid for my drinks, etc.) We talked a lot, but I didnt want to show much affection toward him seeing as we had just met.

It got late but we wanted to go one more place, so we thought we could either go out to another bar, or go back to his apt. for a drink seeing as he said he lived a block away. He kind of decided himself to go to his apt., but I didnt argue. As I was walking there with him I wondered if it was smart of me to be going...I didnt want him to get the wrong idea and I also didnt want to find myself in an awkward position. Anyway, part of me wonders if he just wanted to show off his apt. (its gorgeous), but I decided that I was a big girl and if I felt weird I would leave- and I would only stay for 40 min. He laughed that I was giving myself a cut-off time to leave, and we poured some wine and then we watched a bit of TV (?). I made a reference to how I wish we werent watching TV as I could do that at home, and he immediately turned it off and started talking with me. A few times he put his arm around my waist and was being a little playfully affectionate, but I said something to the effect of "I cant stay long...I just met you". I just wanted him to make sure that I was just there for a drink!

Anyway, as I was leaving, he gave me money for a cab (which is amazing) and he walked me out...but then when we got to his door, he said "Maybe we can hang out again sometime" and I said yeah we should, and that was it! I was standing a bit away from him b/c I didnt know he was going ot stop at his door, so there was no awkwardness with a kiss or hug or anything.

But- why didnt he ask for my #?

I mean he can clearly get it from my friend if he wanted to be dumb and go the round-about way. But, I am just so confused by that. If he doesnt want to see my again thats fine, but he seemed interested. Im wondering if I exuded the impression that I was uninterested seeing as I felt a little uncomfortable at his apt. Although the situation turned out to be fine. ??? I dont want to read too much into it but i guess Ive just never had a great night with a guy and then not have him ask for my # to see me again...

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