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I have a few things to address here in regards to your situation as well as some of the responses from another poster.

First of all, if she cheated on you after ONLY 2 months, chances are she'll do it again. The first few months, and oftentimes longer than that, are usually the best months. They may have been the best months for you, but evidentally not for her.........

Her saying sorry..........of course she is sorry. She got caught. She wasn't sorry enough to tell you of her betrayal!!! She was caught!!!

Why on earth would you want to be in this type of relationship, because I am willing to bet that this is what your relationship will always be like!!!

As for other posts:

[QUOTE=BetsyJean]I seem to be the only person here who seems to see a difference between a girlfriend you've been dating and the expectations of faithfulness you would expect from a fiance or wife.

If you want to call it "cheating", fine. But I think everyone is a little off track in branding this girl as if she had committed adultery.

Don't you think people get a LITTLE too serious a little TOO soon nowadays???[/QUOTE]

Yes, you would expect faithfulness from a fiance or spouse, but why do you think it is ok for a bf or gf to do it??? It takes a healthy relationship with a bf or gf to get to the next step (engagement/marriage). If cheating is occurring now, would you make that person your husband? I know I wouldn't.

[QUOTE=BetsyJean]2 1/2 months is way to early to "commit" to anyone.
Give me a break folks, dating is NOT marriage, or even engaged, or even cohabitation.
And if a piece of paper is "nothing", why not get one if it makes no difference?
No one is saying you have to marry someone to love them.
I lived with a couple of guys in the 70's. I was engaged twice before I finally got married. Was "cheated on" by one of them.

The difference is that I never made him out to be an adulterer. We weren't married. Yes it hurt. I cried buckets.
But it was NOT adultery & he was technically free to do what he wanted. It DID tell me however that this guy was NOT the kind of guy I could trust enough to marry.

This particular poster needs to walk away from his relationship just as I did from mine.
What she did was a warning bell of what she might be like in a truly committed relationship.
That is what DATING is supposed to do. Its supposed to let you see if the person you are dating could be a lifetime partner. Not make you monogomous after a couple of months.[/QUOTE]

First of all, love can occur at any time. There is no set amount of time it takes to fall in love with someone. My husband and I got engaged 12 days after we met!!! We were married 3 months after we met!!! So, tell me that you can't be committed to anyone after only 2 1/2 months cause it does happen! I'm living proof of that and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

You said yourself that you don't have to be married to someone to love them. Yes, that is true, but don't you agree that if you fall in love with someone that you are committed to that person in a sense? When you agree to date exclusively, that usually means that you are taking a step up to a monogomous relationship and not just casually dating. This is the type of relationship this guy is claiming they had (he mentioned that in his first post). So, even though they aren't married, they agreed to monogomy and as far as I'm concerned, that is adultery.

Yes, dating is more or less the probationary period of a relationship, but taking it to the next level doesn't happen at a set time. It depends on how the relationship blossoms. That can occur after a couple of months or a couple of years. It's different for everyone.

But, the bottom line is the original poster. This is obviously not a healthy relationship. You guys agreed to be exclusive and already she broke that trust after only 2 months!!! Chances are this is not going to get better. Get out while you can!!!!

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