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I think the other poster's warnings are justified and accurate. Allowing you to delete other guy's numbers off her cell phone -- so what? Why does she need them there in the first place? I've been in abusive relationships myself and so I know that she probably has low self esteem which can really screw up her mind, causing her to do stupid things like dump a nice guy and go off with an abusive one. It's not you that has the problem -- it is her, and she's going to cause you problems. It is true that you need to love yourself before you can love others. Since she doesn't love herself, how can she treat you like you deserve? She needs her self esteem boosted by sleeping with her ex and flirting with other guys. And now she is going to be 21 and going out to the bars, etc. I think you've been too forgiving. She's used to dealing with an abusive jerk -- quite often girls like that will walk all over a nice guy. Be careful that she doesn't take advantage of you in that way, because you'll end up losing. There are other girls out there who would appreciate and respect a nice guy and would be faithful to you, no questions asked. You're too young to settle down anyway.

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