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I don't think you should read too much into this. I think he just wants the concert to be a special outing for just him and his mom. Sure, maybe if you two had been together longer (like years) and had a more serious committment (like engaged or married), then he could've invited you. But after just 10 months of dating, I don't think he "had" to invite you or that you should feel offended that he didn't. All families are different, and perhaps in his family, it is too soon for him to include you on family outings. I'm divorced too, and after being divorced, I wouldn't introduce someone to my parents until after about a year. This is because I don't want them to think that I'm settled down with someone again and then have it fail again, so I'm sensitive about that. Plus, since your boyfriend was pretty much just raised by his mother, he may be a bit of a "momma's boy" but that's not always a bad thing. I'd much rather be with a man who is close to his mother and does nice things like take her to a concert than a man who isn't as thoughtful or involved with his family. I think that you should be excited for him about the concert and hope he has a good time. Maybe next time he'll take you with. If he's treating you good in every other way, I wouldn't press the issue, I'd just be happy that the man I love is going to have a good time. As far as never telling him "I love you" -- if you don't think you'll ever tell him that, why are you still with him? Perhaps he's not said the words yet to you because he doesn't know how you feel about him. If everything is going well, then maybe you just need to be a bit more patient and the words will come out, from both of you, when you're both ready.

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