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God I really feel your desperation in your last post, and sympathise with you - I CERTAINLY DO FEEL DESPERATE

I misunderstood about the guy being there for her, I thought you meant when her freinds daughter had died, he was there for her. The fact that you have been told this guy is a 'creep', would say to me that he was giving her attention, (not to say you wern't) it is just that sometimes it is easier to talk to an outsider about our problems when they aren't involved. I WOULD SAY SPOT ON

If her hormones are all over the place, she is also obviously depressed, she has lost her freinds daughter, the stress of her freind not getting over it very well and your wife having to be there for support, and then the death of her own mother! Then she has a new social gathering, and this guy came across as (maybe) over friendly, your wife maybe opened up to him and now feels confused. It is a bit like a patient falling for their doctor, not lust, just they can feel close to someone they confide in. They can confuse the emotions of love and attraction, to that of a bit of an obssesion, especially when they are already vunerable! (I hope that makes sense). OH IT DOES AND I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY

Some people do turn to others when they have problems, maybe she is one those people who turns her back on people that she loves when she hits a crisis. YES IT APPEARS SO

How did she deal with problems in the past? you have been together a long time, so how was she about resolving issues in the past? I THINK SHE BOTTLED THEM UP HENCE THE EXPLOSION

Keep being strong, you are stronger than you realise[/QUOTE] THANKS

[quote=Kitkat] You can be guaranteed that this will definately open her eyes. It will be very hard for you but you HAVE to be cool towards her and give her a dose of her own medicine. Nothing will change until you make a few changes of your own, starting with adding the word "un" in front of your name. Believe me, it will be harder on you than her, but if this doesn't work, nothing will.

Been there, and it worked - THANKS THAT WILL START TODAY WE HAVE A LITTLE PLACE IN SPAIN ON A MORTGAGE (WHERE WE HAVE JUST BEEN) I AM GETTING THINGS IN MOTION TO SELL IT AND WILL RING HER AND TELL HER (COOLY) IVE MADE A DECISION TO SELL IT - done it just rang her and told her cooly IVE made a decision to sell it and will let her know of developments - i could tell in her voice she WAS quite surprised

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