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[QUOTE=Veldan]My girlfriend and me have known each other for about 5 months, and have been going out for almost 3. She's into music a lot and lately she’s been getting the chance to work on it (this is a story in-itself - see below). The other day she started talking to be about cheating. First off she started asking me about sex with other people and such, after that she brought up the topic of sending naked pictures to people. I said that I didn't agree with any one of those things. My rational for that was that all of the things mentioned have to do with intimacy. Then she continued by stating that if she did get into music that she would probably end up doing something to ruin our relationship. I trust her completely, but when she says stuff like that, I just sort of have to step back and look at the big picture. In the end though, if it came down to her music, or me I would remove myself. Any thoughts or ideas?

The music story.
My girlfriend and I know each other from work. At work there is a third party. He is a musician. She started hanging out with him, and started to be more into her music.[/QUOTE]

I was with a guy once who told me.. "I will hurt you." (he meant emotionally, not phsyically..But he was right. He cheated on me, and just neglected me totally. Believe her when she says she will do something to ruin the relationship. If she's saying that now, then she must either know she will, or know she can't even trust herself.. so you shouldn't trust her either. I would get out now, before you become more emotionally involved.. safe yourself the pain...

Good luck

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