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I guess one of these days I will finally grow some ***** and just tell her like it is, and if she tries to fight me, it may be wrong of me but I will file assault charges on her. She will call me a wimp and everything and say I was too chicken to fight back, but I am not, I am just the adult in this situation and I will not lower myself to hitting my mother. Even if I do hit back, then she will say how dare I hit my own mother!! You see!! She turns everything around and makes it my fault. She threatens and says things like leaving me out of her will because I don't come around that often, but you know what? I don't care and I don't want anything she has!! All she has is her house and I don't want it. I guess she thinks she can bribe me into coming around, but would you want to go to someones house where they talk down to you like your a loser and you have to walk on egg shells all the time. You can't joke around and be yourself for fear of pissing someone off. I am over it, seriously, I am. I just need to grow the ***** to tell her!! I thought of writing a letter and stuff like that but I just don't know right now. I think I am in the angry stages of the healing process of all this. And I am pissed at her for treating me the way she does. She doesn't love me, I have been nothing but a burden to her ever since the day I was concieved. The only time she wants anything to do with me is if I have something to offer her and if it is convenient for her. You know what! This is a great place to vent I have been holding this in so long I actually felt like I was going to explode when I first posted this. I hope by some fat chance that she is a member of this board and will see this, because if she does, she will know who I am by my screen name and the details I have included in my post. And if she is,
MOM I am sick of the way you treat me and my kids. You act like a kid. If things dont go your way, then you get pissed and your not my "friend" anymore. You only want my kids when it is convenient to you, just like you did me when I was little. You dont think I remember all the times you called and said you were coming to see me and I put on my best dress and got all my favorite toys out to show you and I stood there in the yard all day long waiting on you and when it got dark, dad had to drag me into the house crying because you lied to me. I guess all you boyfriends and drugs were more important than your own kids. YES YES YES I AM PISSED OFF AT YOU!!! I could not imagine leaving my kids. I would never do such a thing, NOTHING in this world and I mean NOTHING is more important than my kids. Thats how a mother is supposed to be. You think just because you came back that you a mother to me, well your not. I was your freaking slave. And you should be happy for me and not jealous of me when I get nice things or get a vacation. I can no longer please you and I will no longer try.

Sorry, I had to get that out. Thanks for all you who are reading my post and responding.

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