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Oct 20, 2006
Hey everyone,
Two years ago I met this guy and we started dating pretty much straight away. I was still a virgin and he said he wanted to make my first time special. He had just bought a place of his own when I met him but he was still living with his parents until settlement. He told me that he wanted to make my first time really special so he wasn't going to sleep with me till he moved to his place. That was four months later. I'm like this guy really cares about me. Two months after we slept together he started seeing someone else. I found out through his best friend. However, he did tell me when we first met that he doesn't want a serious relationship, so if I wanted we wouldn't have sex and we can be friends. He said he enjoyed my company and would rather be friends anyway than let sex screw things up. I guess it was my fault for sleeping with him and letting myself get attached. Due to this we argued quite a lot.
Soon after he was seeing someone else, his best friend (Nathan) became really interested in me but naturally I was interested in the guy I had just dated. I became really good friends with the best friend (Nathan) and we just hung out and watched DVDs, go to the movies and stuff like that. However things delveloped in March this year and we started dating. I asked the guy that I was originally dating (lets call him Bob) that if anything bothered him then he should let me know seen as this is his best friend but he said he was cool with it.
Anyway, last Friday I saw Bob, the guy I was originally dating. I'm still hanging out with his best friend (Nathan) and he was dj-ing at a bar so he invited me along and that's how I bumped into Bob again. Bob and I haven't seen each other for three months and when we do see each other it's because of Nathan, his best friend. For the 1st hour on Friday at the bar he didn't speak to me, and then he finally came up to me and said hello and conversation was great. My girlfriend who I invited along said he couldn't stop staring at me all night and she seems to think he likes me again and that when he was talking to me, he had his back to her, offered me chewing gum and not her etc. The next night I got a message from Bob asking me to come out clubbing but I couldn't make it so he said that we should catch up Friday for coffee but I said I was busy so he suggested this Sunday and I said yes. I'm curious as to know why all of a sudden he is so keen on seeing me. I asked one of his friends and he told me that both these guys get jealous of each other whether its work, exercise, and basically anything. Plus also Nathan and I had a little dissagreement about 2 months ago and haven't really spoken. I have always had a soft spot for Bob as he took my virginity but I certainly wouldn't date him again. I'd just wanna be mates and what develops in the future develops if you know what I mean. I'm not going to put my heart on the line for someone who didn't want me in the first place.
Nathan's work mates tell me that Nathan is really into me and now I'm beginning to think that Bob is jealous or has realised he does like me seen as I'm now taken. Bob and I had an argument 4 months ago and he said he has lost respect for me and that we won't be buddy buddy friends again or not for a long time anyway but all of a sudden he wants to see me. Plus I don't think he has told his best friend he is catching up with me. Bob is 26 and Nathan is 27 if that means anything lol. What do u guys think? Do you think he is interested in me again? Sorry this is long! Thanks guys and take care.

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