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Thinking a bit...
Oct 23, 2006
Some posts lately have gotten me thinking about guys in my life currently.

One in particular I am confused about and would like some help.
I have known him for about 2 years and been friends with for about a year. Over the last year we have gone to dinner, gone for drinks, done lunch...etc. We talk on the phone and email with both of us initiating it at one time or another. Granted we don't talk like every night or anything though. There are also long stretches in between when we go out sometimes. Everytime either of us goes on a trip we always ask how it was. When he just got back from one now (he had gone to see his parents) and he told me all about it. Every detail....

We have hugged but never kissed or anything more for that matter. I am 24 he is 36. He hasn't dated in 2 years due to some bad breakups. He is opening a store in addition to his day job and says he doesn't really want to date until that gets off its feet. I gave up on a relationship after he made that statement to me.
I have been single for over a year now. I have been keeping busy and making my life better and enjoying it but I can't help but wonder about him some still.
I really thought he liked me at one point but now he is so busy. My question is did he or does he truly like me? If nothing else do you think he does cherish me as at least friends? I have a somewhat rose colored vision of him because I do like him and just want to make sure I am not missing anything.

Any conclusions or ideas about him would be great. I am not really looking for a boyfriend right now and leaving all my doors option but I still wonder about what it would be like with him.

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