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I didn't have the time to read all the other stories, but will. I just wanted to share a funny thing about love that I experienced with my husband. We married young, at 17 and 19, and our pastor had agreed to marry us only if we attended counseling with him. He felt we would make it, so he married us, but told me something I never would have believed....until it happened.

He said their is love in the beginning, the can't eat, sleep or think without the other one by your side and then there's the day that true and lasting love happens....and that's the day that you roll over to the person you're married to and think....geez, I don't feel that same way, but you have developed a different kind of love...that was the day love became a CHOICE, not just a feeling.

The choice to tuff it out through whatever life hands you, days when you look at that person next to you and can't decide whether you want to hug him or strangle him, but you know in your heart, he's the missing piece and missing peace, if you know what I mean.

I still remember, about a year or so after getting married to him and rolling over and that feeling that makes your heart flip, seemed to have vanished. Well, because of the pastor's prior 'warning' I found it hilarious. I didn't tell him for years, until I thought he'd think it was funny too....but we still laugh about it.

Love goes through stages...sometimes you stay together just because you made the commitment and you know that although you do not like them today, you love them always, and that's why you stay. I'm happy to say that after 12 years of marriage to my high school sweetheart, he still makes my heart skip a beat (although it definitely was not always this took a while to get it back) but I get excited to see him if he drops in on me or visa versa....and there are days when I jump off the front porch right onto him to hold him and thank God the man's strong enough to catch me! I've gained a few since having babies!!!! :D

I also know that I still love him and he loves me when I get in bed at night. If he goes to sleep before me, he crunches up a pillow so he's holding something until I come in and in a dead sleep, he'll roll over and hold me. His heartbeat also puts me to sleep at night. Can't beat that....hahah, no pun intended.

We still have our days where one or the other drives the other crazy, but there's more good than bad and at the end of the day, all I have to do is curl up on his chest and I know everything is okay.

Funny thing...if for some reason I don't sleep curled up next to him for a few nights in a row, I'm a cranky SOB....problem is solved as soon as I curl up.

Another funny when one of us is hurting, the other physically feels it. And no matter how bad the day, the stress, or the pain, when one of us holds the one who is hurting or stressed, that immediately melts away. It's a great feeling.

Well, I have to say, I gotta go, just realized how much I am missing him right now and have to call and say hi!

Toodles...don't know if that answered anything and was not intended to get that long winded, but just got caught up in the moment. Thanks for reminding me that I'm a spoiled little turd.

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