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Thank you all for your responses.

I prepared my "good-bye cards" with an adorable photo of my dogs on the front and passed them out to a few of my fellow co-workers - - gave one to him with the following message inside:

[I][B]Its been great knowing you. Stay in touch - - feel free to call/email me sometime.[/B][/I] then put down my cell number and email address. If he is interested he should at least email me. I feel I made the first step, he has all my personal info if he wants to talk further.

I passed those cards out on Monday morning. By Tuesday, most have either taken the card home, thrown it away or put it away in their desks but he has that card still laying flat on his desk (photo side up) next to his keyboard (for all to look at and read I might add - which is kind of embarrassing because the card does ask him to call me - - oh well).

Since giving him my card he has been friendly and smiles when I walk by. Lets face it, if a man receives a card with personal contact info & asking them to call sometime from a woman he is NOT interested in, the man would typically avoid the woman - - such as look the other way when she walks by. Actually if a guy wasnt interested he would have put that card in his desk, not display on his desk.

I feel this should be enough if a guy is interested... right? Even as a woman, if a guy gave me a good-bye card with his personal contact info asking me to call/email sometime and I WAS interested, I would at least email him. Actually if I had his email address, I would let him know I like him or ask him if he is single. Where I work we are packed in there like sardines. If I talk to him, there are a dozen others who are most likely listening or have joined in on our conversation since they are RIGHT there. There is no place for a private talk. People are everywhere.

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