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Re: Totally weird!
Oct 29, 2006
Yep, I have been there.

When I was with my ex, I (we) was also best friends with this guy that is gay. He even had a boyfriend at some points when we were all friends. This didn't stop him making crude jokes with me and he would often do things that I would consider extremely suggestive if coming from a heterosexual - but because he was gay, we'd just have fun with it. Sometimes he'd even do that stuff to my ex aswell, trying to shove his hands in his clothes or dancing suggestively on him; we all just found it hilarious.

I think the rules must change a bit when they are gay.

This is all up to how your bf feels I guess. Mine didn't care, until one night we were out drunk and the gay guy pashed me in front of him and he said that was a bit much. He wasn't angry, just a little uncomfortable. So I kept that in mind and made sure that didn't happen again!

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