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K, I'm back folks haha and confused more then ever! Me and this guy I totally adore were fooling around like a few weeks ago, not sex but you know... "Fooling around" haha after quite a few drinks. Anyway, he said a couple weeks ago "You're a good friend" and I'm like "Oh okay? What about last week?" His response to that was we both had too much to drunk. He said he didn't want to hurt me but thought it's best we're friends for now, he's not looking for a relationship at this time. So that was fine. I was a bit upset since the week before hand we were pretty close and showing affection that 2 people who really like share, but I got over it and accepeted friendship is good too. So now lately he's getting very flirty and telling me he really likes me but doesn't want to title anything yet. And then today he told me he was at work and wished I was there with him and just flirting saying how sexy I am and such...
We have good chemistry. We can talk on the phone for ages and seem to carry the conversation well.

So my question is...if he claims he likes me so much and all this why not "Title anything". It's a bit odd, don't ya think?

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